Solvent Borne Systems

DSP Series are a range of pigments dispersed into dispersant/dispersing resin/solvent. The dispersing resins used are inert and generally will not detract from the paint properties. At levels of greater than 10% by volume or in critical systems, solvent/chemical resistance testing of the tinted colour is recommended.

Each system has been optimized to the surface demands of each pigment, while DSP Series pastes have been developed to achieve the broadest possible degree of compatibility, formulation components can affect compatibility,  which must be tested for each system.

Systems in which DSP Series have been successfully used include epoxy polyamine, polyamide, carboxy, polyester urethane, acrylic polyurethane, moisture cured polyurethane, aspartic ester urethane, alkyds of varying oil length, oxazolidone urethane, NC lacquers, acid catalysed alkyds, solventborne acrylics and vinyls, chlorinated rubber and chlorinated polyolefins.

DSPBU1 DSP Tint BU Burnt Umber PB7 1lt
DSPCB1 DSP Tint Charcoal Blend 10lt
DSPCV1 DSP Tint CV Carbazole Violet 1lt
DSPDR1 DSP Tint Scarlett PR255 1lt
DSPEP1 DSP Tint EP  Epsilon Blue 15:6 1lt
DSPGB1541 DSP Tint GB Phthalo Blue 15:4 1lt
DSPGB1544 DSP Tint GB Phthalo Blue 15:4 4lt
DSPHY1 DSP Tint HY Bismuth Vanadate PY184 1lt
DSPHY4 DSP Tint Bismuth Vanadate PY184 4lt
DSPLB1 DSP Tint LB Lamb Black PBK7 1lt
DSPLB10 DSP Tint LB Lamp Black PBK7 10lt
DSPLB4 DSP Tint LB Lamp Black PBK7 4lt
DSPMO1 DSP Tint MO Moly Orange PO73 1lt
DSPPB1 DSP Tint PB Pthalo Blue 15:2 1lt
DSPPG1 DSP Tint PG Pthalo Green 7 1lt
DSPPG4 DSP Tint PG Pthalo Green 7 4lt
DSPQR1 DSP Tint QR  Quin Red PV19 1lt
DSPRO1 DSP Tin RO Red Iron Oxide PR101 1lt
DSPTW1 DSP Tint TW Titanium Dioxide PW6 1lt
DSPTW10 DSP Tint TW Titanium Dioxide PW6 10lt
DSPTY1 DSP Tint TY Yellow Blend 1lt
DSPYO1 DSP Tint YO Yellow Iron Oxide PY42 1lt



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