Waterborne Systems



INDBU Indrasperse Burnt Umber 20kg
INDCG Indrasperse Chrome Green WK 20kg
INDLB7 Indrasperse Black 7 SEC 20kg
INDOXB Indrasperse Brown Oxide Dark 20kg
INDOXR Indrasperse Red Oxide Light 20kg
INDOXY Indrasperse Yellow Oxide 25kg
INDPB15:3 Indrasperse Blue 15:3 SE 20kg
INDPG7 Indrasperse Green 7 SE 20kg
INDPR Indrasperse Pigment Red 254 20kg
INDPR112 Indrasperse Red 112 30% 20kg
INDPR48 Indrasperse Red SE48 17kg
INDPR122 Indrasperse Magenta 122 SE 20kg
INDPY12 Indrasperse Yellow 12 SE 20kg
INDTW Indrasperse White SE 20kg
INDV19 Indrasperse Violet SE 20kg


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