Active Pharmaceuticals

Albendazole CP
Acyclovir USP
Allopurinol USP/BP/EP
Amiodarone HCI EP
Amoxicillin Trihydrate USP
Amprolium HCI USP
Bupropion HCI USP
Chlortetracycline HCI EP
Cimetidine A Type USP
Cimetidine AB Type USP/CP
Clindamycin HCI USP/BP/EP
Clotrimazole BP
Colistin Sulfate EP
Cyproterone Acetate EP
Dexamethasone Acetate EP
Dexamethasone Base BP/USP
Diverdine HCI In House
Doxycycline Hyclate USP/BP
Enrofloxacin Base CPV2005
Enrofloxacin HCI In House
Erythromycin Thiocynate CP
Fenofibrate BP/USP
Finasteride USP
Florfenicol CP
Flutamide USP
Gabapentin USP/EP
Gemfibrozil USP/EP
Gentamycin Sulfate INJ GRADE/ BP /EP
Hydrochlorothiazide BP/USP
Isoconazol Nitrate EP
Levamisole HCI EP
Levofloxacin Hemihydrate In House
Mefenamic Acid BP
Mesalazine USP
Methyl Paraben BP/USP
Methyldopa USP/EP/BP
Metronidazole BP
Metronidazole Benzoate BP
Miconazole Nitrate USP/BP/EP
Mirtazapine Anhydrous USP
Mirtazapine Hemihydrate USP
Naproxen USP
Neomycin Sulfate BP
Nicotinamide BP/USP
Norfloxacin USP
Orlistat In House
Paracetamol USP/BP
Paroxetine HCI USP/BP
Piracetam USP/BP/EP
Piroxicam USP/BP
Propranolol HCI BP/USP
Secnidazole USP
Sulfadimidine Base BP
Sulfadimidine Sodium BP
Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium CPV2010
Sulphadiazine Base BP
Sulphadiazine Sodium USP
Terbinafine HCI USP/BP/EP
Topiramate USP
Triamcinolone Acetonide EP/BP
Triamcinolone Base USP
Trimebutine Maleate In House
Tylosin Tartrate EP

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