Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide

NTR-606 Super Durable Universal Rutile TiO2 Titanium Pigment High dispersibility; Super Durability; High Opacity; High-gloss finish; Stability; used  Extensively in Paint, Coatings, Plastic, Ink and Paper.

Your Best Choice

Indis NZ would like to introduce an improved, multi-purpose titanium dioxide for the coatings industry called NTR-606 delivering all the benefits you are looking for. NTR-606 is the best choice for all your coating needs. The technical advantages of using Indis NZ Titanium Dioxide NTR-606 are listed below:

Advantage 1: NTR-606 delivers total value

Better Coating Coverage

Minimum TiO2 Use In Coating Formulas

Using NTR-606 provides excellent coating coverage and may allow coating producers to reduce your coating raw material costs by reducing the amount of Tio2 in the paint.2

Advantage 2: NTR-606 provides superier hiding power and lower oil absorption

Lower Energy Consumption

Higher Productivity From Shorter Dispersion Times

Improved Product Quality Consistency From More Constant Dispersion

Superior Tinting Strength

Bright Blue Shade Whites

Advantage 3: NTR-606 disperses easily in solvent based alkyds and has faster dispersion times in long oil alkyd formulations

The test results show wide variation in how different TiO2 grades disperse following the various grind conditions while most pigments require the highest grind intensity ( 5 mins at 12m/s ) to achieve a clean dispersion ( >10 undispered particles ). NTR-606 achieves complete dispersion using less time and money.

Advantage 4: NTR-606 improves dispersion time and energy saving in water based systems

NTR-606 mixed in acrylic emulsion 20 mins at 1000 rpm.

Advantage 5: Ntr-606 disperses easily in acrylic emulsions 

Undispersed particle count hits just over 100 compared to other competitors after mixing only 5 mins at 1.3 m/s tip speed.

TIO2606 Titanium Dioxide NTR-606 25kg

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