Organic Pigments

PB151HD601 Pigment Blue 15:1 (HD-601) 25kg
PB153HD801 Pigment Blue 15:3 (HD-801) 25kg
PB153HD806 Pigment Blue 15:3 (HD-806) MB 20kg
PG07MB Pigment Green 7 MB 20kg
PG36 Pigment Green 36 25kg
PO13 Pigment Orange 13 (HD-96) 25kg
PO36 Pigment Orange 36 25kg
PR0571 Pigment Red 57:1 20kg
PR112 Pigment Red PR112 20kg
PR122 Pigment Red PR122 20kg
PR1703RK20 Pigment Red PR1703RK 20kg
PR1705RK Pigment Red PR170 5RK 25kg
PR177 Pigment Red 177 10kg
PR254 Pigment Red PR254 10kg
PR482 Pigment Red 48:2 20kg
PR483 Pigment Red 48:3 20kg
PR522 Pigment Red 52:2 20kg
PV19 Pigment Violet 19 25kg
PV23 Pigment Violet (RL) 10kg
PY15120 Pigment Yellow 151 20kg
PY16820 Pigment Yellow 168 20kg
PY183 Pigment Yellow 183 10kg
PY6220 Pigment Yellow 62 20kg
PY74 Pigment Yellow 74 (HD-180) 25kg


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