Pigment Preparation

Pigment Preperation

Pigment preparation is a highly concentrated single pigment dispersion also know as easy colour, flush and Eupolen. The single pigment dispersion contains a pigment concentration of around 60% in a low molecular weight polyethylene.The product is supplied as a fine power with a particle size of approximately 0.20-0.30mm.

Easy Color is suitable for PE,PP,EVA,PS POM,PET and many more resins.

Because the Pigment is very well dispersed,is it used in fiber,film,injection molding and blow molding applications.

Key Advantages of Pigment Preparation

  • High color yields due to pigment primary particle dispersion
  • No need for high shear mixing prior to extrusion
  • Highly dispersed pigment in low molecular weight polyethylene
  • Low dusting,cleaner to use and environmentally friendly
  • Quicker and easier color switching during processing
  • Increase production rate due to time saved from cleaning and color change
  • Easy dosed by all feeder types
  • Excellent distribution with polymer resin,pigment and other pigment preparation